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Bilingual · Foreign Business|一

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Bilingual · Foreign Business|一份国际儿童节的“数字礼物”

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原标题:Bilingual · Foreign Business|一份国际儿童节的“数字礼物”


娱乐 | 乐高视频专区在腾讯视频正式上线

LEGO Video Zone Goes Live on Tencent Video

合作 | 瑞银慈善基金会成立中国代表处

UBS Optimus Foundation Launches China Representative Office

健康 | 关爱儿童肿瘤“T计划”在沪启动

T-Action for Pediatric Tumors Kicks off in Shanghai

市场 | 数字化技术提升美妆未来

Digital Technology to Enhance the Future of Beauty



LEGO Video Zone Goes Live on Tencent Video


There’s an increasing number of Chinese children who are using internet to connect and engage with the world, enjoying the joy of the ‘digital childhood’.


Therefore, digital child safety has become one of the key considerations by the Chinese parents nowadays.


The LEGO Group officially launched its LEGO Video Zone on Tencent Video with the advent of International Children's Day.


This is the first safe, fun and creative digital experience offered by the LEGO Group and Tencent for Chinese children since the two companies forged a strategic partnership in January this year.


The LEGO Video Zone has gone live on the Tencent Video Children Channel and the “Little Penguin Paradise” APP, an application designed for kids by Tencent Video.


To ensure online safety, LEGO Video Zone has strict provisions on contents and advertising to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and internal guidelines.


The video zone also eliminates unhealthy and improper content, creating a safe digital world for children.


UBS Optimus Foundation Launches China Representative Office

瑞银中国慈善峰会近日在杭州举行,出席本次峰会的代表来自慈善家、投资人、企业家和其他民间组织,大会主题是“传承与慈善 ——携手创变”。

Leading philanthropists, impact investors, business owners and other representatives of civil society were among the delegates at UBS China Philanthropy Conference in Hangzhou, the theme of which is “Legacy and Philanthropy – Collaborating for Social Change”.


A primary objective of the UBS China Philanthropy Conference is to provide a platform from which philanthropists may work towards scaling their collective impact.


The UBS Optimus Foundation used the occasion of the conference to launch its China Representative Office which is designed to consolidate and broaden the impact of its China projects.


Since 2001, more than 80 programs in China have been funded, with a total volume of CHF 77 million,representing 20% of our global grants over the period.


In 2017, in excess of 260,000 children benefitted from Optimus-funded projects in China.


According to the Global Philanthropy Report1, which is authored by researchers at Harvard Kennedy School’s Hauser Institute for Civil Society with funding from UBS, the global philanthropy sector is growing fast.


T-Action for Pediatric Tumors Kicks off in Shanghai


Shanghai Children’s Medical Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine (SCMC), namely National Children’s Medical Center, Project HOPE and GE Healthcare jointly signed a new three-year strategic partnership in Shanghai to kick off a T-Action initiative for China’s pediatric tumors.


According to the partnership, they will carry out programs on precision health, talent development and public welfare, to address the challenge of pediatric tumors and to pay more attention to patient treatment and self-development for a healthier Chinese children.


The T-Action on pediatric tumors will focus on the treatment of children’s tumor diseases, talent development and children care through carrying out more programs of precision health on specific tumor diseases and art courses in the next three years.


Rachel Duan, GE Senior VP, GE China President and CEO says that the new three-year trilateral strategic cooperation is more extensive, far-reaching, and more precise, with the focus on precision healthcare for children's tumors with the use of digitalization, artificial intelligence, and cell therapy.


"The cooperation will be expanded to the public welfare to raise the level of pediatric tumor treatment in China," she said.


Digital Technology to Enhance the Future of Beauty

欧莱雅集团携其最新美妆科技创新成果,连续第三年亮相巴黎 Viva Technology 峰会,展现数字化技术如何通过提供“强化”的消费者体验来提升美妆的未来。

For the 3rd edition of Viva Technology Paris, L’Oréal presented its latest beauty tech innovations at Viva Technology Paris, displaying how digital technologies enhance the future of beauty providing an “augmented” consumer experience.


Visitors are able to immerse themselves into new digital beauty experiences on a journey across three areas of daily life – a bathroom, a hair salon and a boutique.


In each area, L’Oréal brands displays a range of personalized products, connected devices, as well as beauty services fueled by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

欧莱雅沙龙专属呈现以 3D 人工智能为基础的虚拟发色试用技术,以增强美发师与消费者之间的交流,提供更好的沙龙体验。

L’Oréal Professionnel presents a virtual hair color try-on technology based on 3D artificial intelligence that enhances the conversation between hairdressers and consumers for a better salon experience.


L'Oréal China presents two online shopping innovations:


A voice guided “butler” developed with L’Oréal Paris’s men cosmetics brand Men Expert, which can provide personalized skin care tips as well as shop for men skin care based on a conversation with the consumer.


The second innovation, developed for L'Oréal Paris in cooperation with Alibaba, is a connected voice-enabled mirror that can shop directly on TMall for makeup products based on the looks selected by the consumer.


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